It’s been Windows 7 Summit, Visit to Redmond and Microsoft TechDays

It’s been a very busy month, I’ve been traveling a lot and been speaking at a few different seminars and conferences. First of was the Windows 7 Summit held here in Sweden by ourselves TrueSec,


Windows 7 Summit

I did two sessions together with Mikael Nyström, first session was an introduction to the Windows 7 Client, covering some UI changes and the approach Microsoft has taken with Multi-Touch and the other was about new technologies and features in Windows Server 2008 R2, it was a great time and I had lots of fun on the stage, I’m sorry that I misspelled my own sisters name during the Recycle-Bin demo J


Microsoft decided to record the sessions, so if anyone is interested to see the sessions (In Swedish), here you go!


An introduction to the Windows 7 Client.


New Technologies and Features in Windows Server 2008 R2


Directly after the Windows 7 summit it was time to fly over to Seattle/Redmond for the Microsoft MVP Summit. A big thanks to the entire Directory Service Team at Microsoft for the amazing week we had in Redmond at the Microsoft Campus working with them, and all other DS MVPs that attended the Microsoft MVP Summit, also thanks to my friend Eddy for inviting me to his new house, you got a nice place J


Microsoft TechDays in Västerås

At Microsoft TechDays in Västerås (Sweden) I attended as a speaker and presented on how to Incorporate RODCs (Read Only Domain Controllers) to your existing Active Directory, this was a 400 level sessions where I decided to give a deep-dive on how RODCs really works (and doesn’t work) in detail and how it effects an already existing Active Directory and related components. Unfortunately time didn’t allow me to show the FAS (Filter Attribute Set) Demo, I’m sorry for that, but I’m planning a detail article on FAS works, the basic idea is that you can flag attributes with sensitive/confidential information to never replicate to RODCs, in case of an RODC compromise, this information isn’t reveled.


You can download the slide deck from the session here:


I’ve got many questions about RODCs and DNS after my sessions, I’ve blogged about that topic a while ago, you can find the article here: How Read-Only Domain Controllers and DNS works.


Thanks to Microsoft for putting together the TechDays Conference, this was the first time the concept of “TechDays” where used in Sweden, the idea is to have a sort of local TechED event, and I must said everything did work very well, hopefully there will be a TechDays next year as well.

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