How do I store a conditional forwarding zone in Active Directory in Windows Server 2003

This is easy in Windows Server 2008 R2 and later as you can do this simply by selecting the store this conditional forwarder in Active Directory and replicate it as follows: in the DNS Manager when you create a new conditional forwarder

  • All DNS Servers in this forest
  • All DNS Servers in this domain
  • All Domain controllers in this domain (for Windows 2000 compatibility)

If you want to store a conditional forwarder in the DS and let’s say have the replication scope set to: All DNS Servers in this forest. You can still do so but not in the DNS Manager UI, You have to use the dnscmd command line tool as follows:

  • Run the following command to create a directory integrated conditional forwarding:
    dnscmd %computername% /zoneadd <ForestRootDomain> /dsforwarder IPtoNS1 IPtoNS2 /DP /forest


    If the above command failed it’s most likely because the forwarding zone already existed, either as a file based forwarding zone at one of the DCs in the forest, or already as a ds based forwarding zone. (Note a DS based forwarding can already exist in the scope of: domain, in any domain in the forest, if that’s the case either use /ZoneResetType /DP /forest or delete and re-create the forwarder)

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