The place where I’ve been spending most of the time the past 12 months: Jönköping

As many of you already noticed (especially my friends) I haven’t spent much time at home in Stockholm this year cause of an Active Directory consolidation and migration project (DCMP as we refer to it internally) – anyway it’s been an extensive amount of traveling the past 12 months beyond what I’ve expected when I first signed up for this project. It has overall been an interesting project and quite some challenges with migrations/consolidations in 192 countries, 250 + DCs (logistical issues) and the list goes on here.

The picture above is the view from a conference room at a hotel in Jönköping (where I spent most of the time in this project) – In total about 60 nights out of the 120 hotel nights I’ve spent the past 12 months – Thanks goes to all the people I’ve come to know working at the hotel, In the city of Jönköping (that made my stay even more enjoyable) and of course other project members with that being said I’m finished with my part of the project and will hopefully spend more time at home again (I enjoy traveling to some extent J )

Here are some travel madness facts the past 12 months (In points) – those who ever worked with me or know me well also know that I love to collect points in various bonus programs (most of them are local in Sweden)  

Scandic Hotels:  149 200 points
SJ Prio: 105 248 points
SAS EuroBonus: 58420 points

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